Awesome high resolution graphics and slick gameplay make Picranium seriously addictive!

Like Picross DS, it's a cross between Sudoku and Minesweeper. Solve number clues to fill a grid and reveal a hidden picture. Picranium is a simple concept but make no mistake, it will challenge even hardened puzzle and logic game fans.

More of a novice? Don't worry, with a user friendly interface and an interactive tutorial mode, you will be zooming, scrolling and filling tiles like a pro in no time.


The following videos show the game in action on Android and Windows Mobile phones.

On Android (HTC Hero) | On Windows Mobile (HTC HD2)
On Android (HTC Hero) | On Windows Mobile (HTC HD2)

How To Play

The numbers tell you how many squares in each row and column need to be filled. You must find the only solution that works!

When there is one number you need a run of that number, like:


but not:

When there are multiple numbers, you'll need at least one empty square in between:

Use an X when a square should not be filled:

This helps solve other parts of the board.


Picranium Version History

Android Version 1.5 (released September 2011)

  • New puzzle
  • Added navigator overview, visible when scrolling and zooming

Android Version 1.4 (released June 2011)

  • Added pinch zoom support
  • Adding support for install to SD
  • Allowed completion sequence to be speeded up by tapping the screen (before the completion dialog is displayed)

Android Version 1.3 (released December 2010)

  • Christmas advent calendar with 25 new, hard puzzles
  • Christmas themed puzzles
  • Tablet support
  • Minor bug fixes

Android Version 1.2 (released October 2010)

  • 3 New puzzles.
  • Restart option.
  • Bug fix for crash on puzzle selection screen

Android Version 1.1 (released September 2010)

  • Changes to touch paint mode, based on user feedback (thanks!):
    • The paint region now rubber-bands
    • Tiles of a different type to the current paint tile type are not overwritten
  • Reduced memory usage to improve stability

Android Version 1.0 (released August 2010)

  • Initial release of Android game

Windows Mobile Version 1.2 (released March 2010)

  • Fix to allow installation to storage card
  • Added in-game help prompts
  • Fixed bug which caused incorrect zoomed-out tile size to be calculated

Windows Mobile Version 1.1 (released January 2010)

  • Free upgrade via the Marketplace to all Picranium 1.0 users
  • Multi-touch supported added for HTC Touch HD2
  • Lite version added

Windows Mobile Version 1.0 (released December 2009)

  • Initial release


  • Over 75 levels of increasing difficulty
  • Minimum 8 hours gameplay
  • An intense and addictive workout for your brain
  • Interactive "how to play" tutorials
  • Runs on all screen resolutions
  • Controls optimised for mobile devices
  • Slick scrolling and zooming
Windows Phone Android


Picranium supports:
  • Android 1.5 and above
  • Windows Mobile 6 & 6.5
Mobile device